How Touraine Golf Club Reinvented Their Course (

The 2020 season was full of surprises and challenges for the entire golf industry. Many facilities were very concerned with the pandemic at first, but in the end, the golf industry had its best years in recent history. Many facilities had a season filled with overwhelming demand and an unprecedented wave of new golfers. However, if there’s one thing last season has taught golf operators is that it’s important to be flexible and find new ways to generate revenue. This is especially true for northern golf courses as the golf season is much shorter due to cold weather.

Golf La Touraine is a semi-private 18-hole facility located in Gatineau—just a few minutes away from downtown Ottawa. As the unpredictable 2020 season ended, the new owners were trying to figure out a way to have people on the course year-round. And of course, being a Canadian golf course, the first thing that came to mind was opening up a skating rink. To learn more about their initiative, we sat down with Carl Chenier, owner of Touraine Golf Club, to discuss their newest initiative.

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