Importance of a Good Golf Course Website (

When was the last time you logged onto a company’s website and just thought… yuck! 

On the other hand, think of the last time you went on a really great corporate website and were immediately inspired to become a fan of that brand. We’ll level with you: Most golf course’s websites simply aren’t up to par. We don’t know if it’s the industry’s old-fashioned attitudes or clubs’ insistence on remaining traditional, but there’s certainly room for improvement. 

Studies consistently prove the impact good web design has on attracting, keeping, and converting customers. We know the idea of undertaking a website overhaul can be daunting — but not as daunting as keeping a website that’s older than some of your employees. Improving your website in the areas described below can be a boost to your bottom line. So while you might feel like you can’t afford to redesign your website, we think, for some of you, you can’t afford not to.

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