Bourbon Falls Bourbon (

Bourbon Falls Bourbon

In 1935, Heaven Hill Distillery opened in Bardstown, Ky. It was founded by the five Shapira brothers. They had no experience in the distilling industry and no established brands. They were, however, excellent businessmen with a plan. They would distill whiskey and sell barrels to liquor stores and distributors who wanted whiskey to support private labels. They, of course, would sell their own labels of whiskey and Bourbon Falls would be their first label. 

This label was discontinued in the 1960s as their brands Evan Williams, Elijah Craig and Heaven Hill made up the majority of their sales and the Bourbon Falls label had become too small to support. I recently purchased a half pint bottle of Bourbon Falls from the 1960s. Matt and I sat down and tasted this Bourbon and here are the notes from our tasting. After finishing this tasting, I donated the bottle to Heaven Hill for their collection.

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