Jim Beam Lineage Bourbon Review (

Jim Beam Lineage Bourbon Review

Far too often global travel retail options are awful. Some of the most recent GTR offerings I had the displeasure of reviewing were the Highland Park 14 Years Loyalty of the Wolf and the Bunnahabhain Eirigh Na Geine. They’re far from being the only examples, I’ve had far more misses than hits with GTR, but I also don’t want to give the impression that all GTR offerings suck.

They often do and, more-often-than-not, tend to be little more than overpriced cash grabs, but sometimes you get a Laphroaig Brodir and it seems like maybe GTR offerings might not be completely terrible. I’ve already spoiled the reveal that this is good, and can be added to the “doesn’t suck” GTR list, but the question remains of just HOW good the Jim Beam Lineage Bourbon is. Let’s get to drinkin’ and get an answer.

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