27 Statement Bathroom Vanity Ideas (

27 Statement Bathroom Vanity Ideas

When it comes to bathroom interior design, the vanity isn’t just a necessary fixture—more often than not, it’s a focal point. Hence the reason you’ll rarely see a designer bypassing the opportunity to make a statement with a bathroom vanity. Whether it’s transforming a French bombe chest into a one-of-a-kind vanity or opting to commission a custom vanity fabricated from an unexpected material like lacquer or stone, designers are full of tricks to frill out this seemingly utilitarian piece.

One of the easiest ways to transform an ordinary vanity into one worthy of second and third glances? Color. Especially when paired with a fun wallpaper—a designer favorite for pint-sized powder rooms—a colorful vanity can be an ingenious way to set a playful mood in motion. Painted wood vanities aren’t the only option for procuring color, either. Designers are notorious for fashioning bathroom vanities from nontraditional materials, including mirrored panels, metal or stone. While vividly colored stones like onyx or lapis could easily overwhelm a kitchen design, vanities offer the perfect opportunity to use a statement stone in moderation. Not sure you’re ready to splurge on a specimen slab? For the more reserved among us, unconventional drawer pulls can be the perfect way to dress up a more standard-issue vanity.

Looking for even more vanity flare? To get you inspired, we’ve collected 27 beautiful designer bathroom vanities. From modern floating vanities to classic wood vanities, these designs are perfect for inspiring your own vanity affair.

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