This 30-Minute Non-Stop Dumbbell Workout Will Shake You To Your Core (

This 30-Minute Non-Stop Dumbbell Workout Will Shake You To Your Core

Unless you have some serious dedication, are a personal trainer, or are simply someone who thrives off of routine, you may occasionally find yourself struggling to work out at home. But with gyms still keeping their doors firmly closed around much of Australia, many of us have no other choice than to use our back yard or spare bedroom as a personal workout space.

Celebrity trainer Sam Wood recently told DMARGE that it’s important to have this space “where you can consistently lay out your mat and your bands or your dumbbells, and you actually put yourself in a better psychological situation where you say ‘I’m here to do my workout.’”

But what about the workouts themselves?

If you’re currently at a roadblock with regards to what workouts you can effectively complete at home, may we suggest some simple workouts posted to Instagram by fitness trainer Jeremy Scott – owner of Jeremy Scott Fitness – to your attention? And all you need is a pair of dumbbells.

Oh, and 30 minutes of time to spare.

This 30-minute non-stop dumbbell workout is one that will seriously test your strength and stamina, but is also one that will help you work on your muscular size and strength. Classed as an AMRAP workout – As Many Rounds As Possible – Jeremy asks of us to see just how many rounds of his gruelling dumbbell workout we can complete in the 30-minute time frame.

Check out Jeremy Scott’s 30-minute dumbbell AMRAP workout in the video below

The dumbbell exercises are as…

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