Buying and Selling // Inside Tarek El Moussa’s New Home With Heather Rae Young (

Buying and Selling // Inside Tarek El Moussa’s New Home With Heather Rae Young

Tarek El Moussa helps house flippers hone their trade on “Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa,” but on the latest episode, he also gives us a peek at how he’s making over his own new digs with fiancee Heather Rae Young.

“The house is so cool, it’s so beautiful, but it’s just all white,” he says, standing in his kitchen. “For us, we don’t like the white as much, so we’re trying to figure out how we can darken it a little bit.”

El Moussa decides to paint the kitchen island a darker color, and selects a black tile backsplash and a modern metal door. With his own renovation rolling, El Moussa heads off to help some house flippers renovate their own space.

kitchenTarek El Moussa has big plans for this kitchen.


In the episode “Location, Location, Laundromat,” El Moussa teams up with Alex and Mitzie, a married couple who have been flipping for 13 years but are still struggling. Their latest flip is a Compton, CA, home they bought for $403,000. The home is a good size, but the garage opens to a laundromat’s parking lot, which El Moussa knows is a big problem.

“Honestly, I’m not even sure they should’ve bought this house,” he says.

With a slim $75,000 budget, El Moussa knows they’ll have to stretch every dollar to make this house so amazing it overcomes its odd location. And though the odds seem against them, they manage to pull it off, and end up selling the house for $590,000.

How did they do it? Keep reading!

Tile does not need to be expensive to look luxekitchenThis kitchen was dated and felt small, so they tore down a wall.


To start, Alex and Mitzie remove a kitchen wall to create a more open floor plan. But when it comes time to finish the design, Alex introduces El Moussa to his daughter, Schylar, who’s been trusted to pick out tile for the kitchen and bathroom.

tile samplesEl Moussa approves of Schylar’s tile choice.


Thankfully, Schylar seems to have a good eye for materials and design, and chooses a backsplash tile El Moussa loves.

“It looks super expensive, and it’s not,” he says. “It’s porcelain that looks like marble. We’re going to get a high-end look for a low-cost price.”

El Moussa wants the kitchen to look good and save money, so when the team can do both, it’s win-win.

kitchenWith brand-new finishes, this kitchen looks much better.


Refinishing hardwood floors is worth the effortliving roomThis house already had dark hardwood flooring.


Alex and Mitzie are thrilled to find hardwood floors under the laminate, but the wood has a very dark stain. While they’d like to refinish the hardwood, El Moussa says that simply putting in new laminate will save time and money.


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“If you sand the floors, prep the floors, restain the floors, let the floors cure, you’re going to take a lot more time and money than if you just pop in laminate,” El Moussa says.

sanding floorsMitzie starts sanding the hardwood floor.


Still, Alex and Mitzie decide to go against El Moussa’s advice and refinish the hardwood. Updating the floors may cost a little more than new laminate but, in the end, the hardwood looks great and definitely seems worth the effort.

living roomRefinishing these floors proves to be the best option.


Simplify your fireplace upgradefireplaceThis fireplace was bulky and dated.


The fireplace in the den is a huge brick eyesore, but El Moussa doesn’t approve of these flippers’ plans to rip it out.

“You’re going to spend $10,000 to redo this fireplace,” he says. “You are never going to get that money back.”

Instead, El Moussa says to simply paint the brick and change the hearth. Alex and Mitzie take El Moussa’s advice, and the fireplace ends up looking great, proving that sometimes simple upgrades can make a big difference.

fireplaceThe flippers save a lot of money on this fireplace.


Reuse pieces from demofireplaceThis living room fireplace needed an update as well.


The living room fireplace needs a makeover, too—and since these flippers have removed a kitchen wall, they decide to use an old support beam as a mantel. Right away, El Moussa loves the idea.

“This is genius,” he says. “I’m learning today on ‘Flipping 101.’”

With some paneling, some fresh paint, and this new mantel, this fireplace is quickly transformed. It’s a smart upcycling of material that might typically get tossed.

fireplaceThis mantel was originally a support beam.


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