Buying and Selling // Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young Share Bedroom Preference (

Buying and Selling // Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young Share Bedroom Preference

Tarek El Moussa and his fiancee, Heather Rae Young, are renovating their own Newport Beach, CA, home on “Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa.” On the latest episode, they reveal one surprising taste they share in the bedroom.

In the Season 2 episode “Home Over Improvement,” El Moussa and Young agree that they love the luxurious feeling of carpet underfoot in their boudoir. Yet they also know that it would be unwise to rip out the hardwood flooring currently in the room.

“I don’t want to take out the floor, though, because whoever buys this house next, they’re probably going to want wood,” El Moussa says.

“Yeah, because I feel like not everybody likes carpet like us,” Young adds.

To strike a balance between their own desires and future resale value, they keep the wood floor, but add a large, plush rug on top. They also install a velvet-padded headboard wall, along with new lights. The end results look fantastic—and serve as a good reminder to never take out valuable features like hardwood flooring, even if they aren’t to your own tastes.

bedroomTarek El Moussa’s bedroom will look amazing when the design is done.


While renovating his own home, El Moussa is helping flippers Hector and Aryana make some money on their latest investment. These two had actually lost $40,000 on their last flip, so this time around, they conservatively put just $86,000 into renovating a massive Buena Park, CA, home. Here’s how El Moussa helps them stretch their budget, with plenty of advice you might be inspired to try around your own abode, too.

Painting a front door and trim may be enoughhouseThe stucco on this house looked great and didn’t need to be painted.


This four-bedroom home is massive, and it has a separate suite, which could be used as a rental. So El Moussa is surprised when Hector and Aryana decide to paint the entire exterior white.


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“Painting this house is a waste of money,” El Moussa says. “It looks fine as is. Once they redo the door and trim, the entire thing is going to look updated. This is exactly why they keep going over budget.”

painted houseThis home’s paint job looks great, but may have been unnecessary.


Going against El Moussa’s advice, Hector and Aryana paint the entire exterior. The white paint brightens up the home and hides any imperfections in the stucco. But in the end, it’s clear they could have saved money by simply painting the door and trim.

Get creative when transitioning between flooringkitchenThis house needed a lot of work.


Hector and Aryana need to make this home look stylish on a budget, so El Moussa is thrilled when Aryana shows him a unique idea for the kitchen flooring. She wants to use octagonal tile in the kitchen, then wants to cut the vinyl living room flooring so that it looks like the floors are blending together.

El Moussa points out that this design will add a lot of value without spending a lot of money. After all, the project won’t require any extra materials and will take only a little extra labor to get it looking right.

kitchenAryana’s flooring idea makes a big design statement.


When the home is finished, El Moussa loves the flooring.

“It’s really surprising how you take the corner and you see the laminate and the tile, like, kind of melding together,” he says. It’s a great look that could make for a stylish upgrade in any home.

flooringBuyers will certainly remember a floor like this.


Remove dated soffitsoffitEl Moussa says this soffit has to go.


Aryana and Hector may not always take El Moussa’s advice, but they’re lucky they listen to him when it comes to the kitchen soffit, which forms a ceiling under the roof.

“The soffit ages the house; we got to get rid of the soffit,” El Moussa says. “It looks so much better with the high ceiling nice and flat. The kitchen will look bigger; it’ll look more modern.”

kitchen ceilingNow, the kitchen ceiling looks a lot cleaner.


The couple take his advice, and in the end, they’re glad they listened. The kitchen looks much cleaner without the bulky feature, plus it makes room for taller cabinets, which buyers might appreciate for the extra storage. Here, spending the extra cash to remove the soffit was money well-spent.

Choose shower tile with style and safety in mindbathroom tileThe bathroom tile looks great, but it could be slippery.


Hector and Aryana choose lots of beautiful finishes for their flip, but there’s one tile choice that El Moussa isn’t sure about.

When the couple show El Moussa the porcelain tile they want to use in the bathroom and entire shower, he’s psyched about the price, but unsure about the functionality. It isn’t a safe option for the floor, he says.

“I don’t think we can put that tile in the shower because, I mean, it’s real slippery,” El Moussa explains.

With a high gloss and no tread, this tile would be especially slippery when wet, so El Moussa suggests choosing something else. Still, Hector wants to use the tile and says he has a sealant that will create more of a tread.

By the time potential buyers are touring the house, Hector still hasn’t put the sealant on the floors. The shower looks beautiful, but a safe shower would have been smarter than a stylish one.

While these flippers bought the house for $540,000 and spent only $86,000 on the renovation, they get an offer for $950,000. After taking interest, closing costs, and commission into consideration, Hector and Aryana make a huge profit of $220,000. After losing $40,000 on their last flip, this is a major improvement that shows these two can learn from past mistakes.

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