The #cookiepacolypse is fast approaching. (It’s real and it’s no joke)

  • The way businesses reach new consumers is undergoing a massive transformation.

  • The upcoming demise of third-party cookies, the data that informs user behavior, will require a fundamental change to the way brands approach new customers. 

  • “Users are demanding greater privacy–including transparency, choice, and control over how their data is used–and it’s clear the web ecosystem needs to evolve to meet these increasing demands.”

  • Cookie data collected by third parties, already severely limited in Safari and Firefox browsers, will soon go away in Chrome and on iOS devices (ITP/IDFA).

  • Without this data, advertisers will struggle to target and segment users based on behavior.

  • Without this data, even Facebook won’t be able to tailor your in-app experience by understanding what you do outside their app.

  • First-party data will be the only data.

In a post-cookie world, fortune will favor the bold

  • Winners will reinvent their engagement model, eliminating their reliance on old technology.

  • They will create/curate content that is contextually relevant to their business prospects and build communities focused on their natural area of expertise.

  • They will be rewarded with a direct line of communication independent of and beyond the walled gardens of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Brands will gain this independence by leveraging publisher-like tactics

  • The brand becomes the publisher. (By brand, we’re including everyone from retailers to fraternities to associations, non-profits, real estate agents, radio hosts and more.)

  • They become content creators and curators, regularly delivering valuable content on their (HRVSTR) websites and sharing it on their social media channels.

  • They will build and grow email subscriber lists and communicate directly with their customers via newsletters.

  • They will build and grow contextually relevant social communities that generate confirmed and authentic user profiles through registrations that can be leveraged for ad targeting and personalization.

  • They will activate those registered users/subscribers as content contributors and brand advocates.

We provide the resources and expertise to make this happen.

HRVSTR is a content marketing and community platform that provides a set of easy-to-use tools that help quickly build interest-targeted communities and deliver a reliable, direct way of communicating with existing and future customers.

  • Our tools help you easily curate/create content and share it through paid, earned, and organic media channels driving highly targeted traffic to your site and helping convert them to registered users and newsletter subscribers.

  • This approach will position your brand as a trusted information resource providing a long-term, consented communication channel with new and existing customers ready to hear relevant value propositions that will help fill sales funnels with focused, targeted leads.

  • Our tools help develop direct relationships with new and existing customers outside the walled gardens of Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Our managed service will help you carve a direct path to existing and future customers

  • Content Publishing and Management, User Generated/Curated Content, Social Platform

  • Automated, Scheduled Content Distribution

  • Analytics, Data Collection, Data Visualization

  • Email (List Management, Newsletters, Sales Funnels/Drip Campaigns)

  • Cohort management/segmentations

  • Advocacy and Affiliate Management

  • Hosting, Migrations, Site Performance, Security, Backups

  • Monetization, Display, Video, Header Bidding, and Programmatic Marketplaces

  • Consent Management and Compliance

  • Paid Media Optimization – SEM/PPC


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